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If you are in search of that estate and boutique wine, the best spirits, or even that hard to find allocated bourbon,.. Wicomico Wine and Spirits can fill your needs. We offer a broad selection of today’s most popular spirits, wines, and pre-made cocktails that are sure to satisfy whatever need you have. Should you have a large function, come see us at one of our three locations and our staff will be happy to assist you in acquiring everything you need to have the best of everything available to your guests.

Don’t forget to stop by and check out our Allocated Bourbon BARREL PICKS that highly trained staff members select direct from the distilleries!!! We often have some of the hardest to find, and highest rated bourbons on the market, unblended, and right from the warehouses bottled and ready for you to enjoy with friends, family, and other connoisseurs of fine whiskey.

More About Us- The stores of Wicomico County Wine and Spirits are operated independently by the Wicomico County Liquor Control Board. We strive to distribute adult beverages in a manner which not only protects the citizens of our fine county, but also maintains the Wicomico County standard of living and appearance. Our employees are NOT county employees, but are instead funded 100% from the operations of the stores themselves, thus reducing the burden on the taxpayers in the county.

The Board – The Liquor Board consists of three members, who are appointed to the position by the Governor with the consent of state government. These members must be residents of the county and have been determined to be responsible and responsive members of the community who are involved with many local organizations and charities.


ALL NET PROFITS ARRISING FROM THE OPERATION OF THE STORES, ARE DONATED TO THE COUNTY BUDGET. This contribution reduces the tax liability for all residents of the county by adding profits to the budget at NO COST to county government.

THIS YEAR’S CONTRIBUTION?? – This year, we are proud to be contributing $1,093,600.00 to the county budget. In doing so, we would sincerely like to thank all of you who have helped us to give back to Wicomico County!!

Board Members

Donald E. Ewalt - President

Melodie E. Carter – Vice President

Jeanette Taylor - Secretary

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